In  "Unwelcome" we meet six-year old Menwar, who lives in a tent at a gas station in Greece. He and his family fled the bloody conflict in Syria, hoping to start a new life. But when they reached
Europe, they found a continent that did not want them; a continent that had closed its borders to refugees like them.

The film stands apart from other short documentaries as the film crew is there as it happens: they personally follow the path the refugees take, from a sharp police mission on the Aegean sea when the radar picks up a boat filled to the brim with refugees, to living in the refugee camp themselves when the police suddenly surrounds it. The camera catches a terrified six year old pack his most beloved possession: his football, before running with his mother into the dark fields surrounded by sirens and flashing blue lights, all to the sound of desperate cries from the other refugees also trying to escape.

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Ida Theresa Myklebost


Ida Theresa Myklebost is a Norwegian-American film director and journalist based in New York City. Ida's very first journalistic experience as a reporter and host for the alternative and rebellious radio station RadiOrakel (the world's very first feminist radio station) led to her pursuit of a career in journalism, culminating in positions at Norway's largest TV-stations, NRK and TV2, where she covered international news and politics. Though a journalist at heart, Ida eventually wanted to go beyond state news, statistics and numbers, and explore the human stories in more depth. She wanted to hear their stories. In 2015 she left TV2 and moved to New York to pursue documentary filmmaking.



  • Anchorage International Film Festival (US, 2017) - Jury Prize Short Documentary
  • Amnesty International Film Festival (France, 2018)
  • Stockholm Feminist Film Festival (Sweden, 2018)
  • North Dakota Human Rights Film & Arts Festival (US, 2017)