Twenty-year-old Afghan woman Sara lives in Sweden, and for the first time experiences the feeling of true freedom, something she enjoyed very little of at home. There she was sentenced to prison for defying her family and running away with the man she loved. Maryam Ebrahimi and Nima Sarvestani, creators of the successful documentary No Burqas Behind Bars, helped her find safety in Europe. Since then, Sara has been waiting for asylum in Sweden and maintains a long-distance relationship with her husband, who does not agree with her new, emancipated behaviour. However, she has other worries too. Her best friend Nadjibeh, with whom she was very close in prison, is still in Afghanistan. Filmmaker Nima Sarvestani heads to Kabul to look for her. Was she actually murdered, as initial clues suggest?


Nima Sarvestani


Nima Sarvestani, born December 22, 1958, is a Swedish-Iranian filmmaker. He started his career working as a journalist in Iran, before coming to Sweden 1984. Since then he has been working as a filmmaker, directing and producing documentaries. Sarvestani founded NimaFilm Production in 1987. For the past 26 years, NimaFilm has been producing miscellaneous films in which unique global issues and personal life stories have been brought to audiences worldwide. The major themes of Nima Sarvestanis films are often social and political issues. However, he tries not to be engaged in catchword subjects and instead, attempt to bring about debates and spotlight reflections on the issues he pursues. Nima Sarvestani has focused his filmmaking on productions concerning the Middle Eastern countries. He has produced several documentaries, mostly about people with unique lifestyles and special worldviews - fighting for their rights.


  • Amnesty International Award Nominee, Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (2017)