Ovarian Psycos is about a new generation of fierce, unapologetic and feminist women of color from the Eastside of Los Angeles who confront injustice, build community, and redefine identity through a raucous, irreverently named bicycle crew: The Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade.

Through the personal stories of the crew’s rabble-rousing founder, Xela de la X, activist, poet M.C., and single mother; street artist and original Ovarian Psyco, Andi Xoch, and a bright-eyed young woman from the neighborhood, Evelyn (Evie), the film traces how the “Ovas” emerged from the diverse, youthful, Latino, working class, immigrant neighborhoods of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles, a community situated within the historic legacy of the Chicano/a Civil Rights Movement that emerged from L.A. in the late 1960s.

For members Andi and Evelyn, the Ovas speak to the broken, to the uneducated, and to those who live the hard life. Meanwhile, the pressure to raise a young daughter by herself ultimately puts Xela at a crossroads with her own role in the Ovas. But through all the obstacles they invariably face, the group as a whole becomes a rising force, as these young women continue to call out to new riders to join them on their journey: “Whose streets? Our streets!”


Kate Trumbull-aVall and Joanna Sokolowski


Joanna Sokolowski s an independent documentary filmmaker. She co-produced the film Very Semi Serious, and has worked as a producer at Walking Iris Media and Open Studio Productions. She formed Sylvia Frances Films with her filmmaking partner Kate Trumbull-LaValle in 2013 to producer their first feature: Ovarian Psycos.

Kate Trumbull-aVall s an independent documentary filmmaker who first began in the field of social justice media as an educator and program coordinator for the Media Arts Center in San Diego. She is associate producer for PBS's No Más Bebés, and is the director and producer of Ovarian Psycos. In 2013 she co-founded Sylvia Frances Films with Joanna Sokolowski.


  • Audience Award, Portland Film Festival
  • Audience Award, Luststreifen, Queer Film Festival Basel
  • People’s Choice Award, Rueda Film Festival