Mothers of Luna is a short film of crossed stories. Four women, of different places in the world, are united by the voice of a very special baby: the little girl that was not able to be born of them, but who lived in their tummies.

Mothers of Luna is a tale, a fable and a symbol. Four stories in one . The legacy of all the forgotten women. The voice of the ones who suffer. Also, it is the scream of a Moon that grows inside and, as a little child, innocent, shows us the things we just don't want to see.

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Alicia Halbares


  • Best Fiction Short Film‭, ‬Madrid Human Rights Film Festival
  • 3rd Award‭ ‬‮!'‬Cut the Gap‮!(‬‭, ‬Viena Gender Equality Film Festival‭. ‬
  • Best National Short Film Award‭, ‬43‭ ‬Festival of Iberoamerican Film of Huelva‭.


Alicia Albares was born in Madrid, in July 1984. Since she was a little girl, she loved reading and she started writing her own stories very early. Her tales brought her a lot of awards. In that moment, she discovered her passion for storytelling and her will to turn them into images. So cinema became her goal and fate. She studied Communication in Complutense University in Madrid, while she started to write her own projects. Focused occupationally and vocationally in cinema scope, she has worked in a lot of films as third assistant director and production assistant. Because of that, although she was very young, she has already hoarded a great experience and a deep knowledge in cinema matters. In these days, she is the manager of the short film and movies distribution company called YAQ Distribución. in 2013 she directed, wrote and produced her first short film, To the other side an astonishing story full of magic an mystery, which has won 20 awards and collects more than 160 selections in festivals in Spain and around the globe.