The 1905 International Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF)  aims to raise awareness about human rights violations through film screenings and discussions with filmmakers and activists.

What is the significance of the festival’s name?

In 1905, China produced its first film, "The Battle of Dingjunshan." In that same year, the Qing Emperor sent five ministers abroad to study constitutionalism, the first step towards establishing constitutionalism in China. At the same time, during this year Berth Von Suttner became the first woman to be awarded of the Nobel Peace Prize for her leading in the women's liberation movement.

1905 was a significant turning point for the recognition of human rights in China, which is why we have named our festival the 1905 Human Rights Film Festival.

Human rights violations are often normalized because they are woven into the fabric of a social culture. Groups and individuals subject to such violations are also frequently marginalized and made invisible. Therefore, creating an awareness of human rights issues is the first step towards addressing them. Our organization sees film as a powerful tool to vividly bring human rights violations to the forefront of the dialogue, as well as capturing the hearts and minds of the audience.

Furthermore, there is a distinct lack of human rights film festivals in East Asia, especially in and around China, where the topic remains a highly sensitive issue. We want to offer both mainland Chinese and foreign filmmakers a platform to exhibit their works to an audience that is otherwise rarely confronted with such topics. Therefore, our festival shows a mix of feature films, documentaries, and short films to attract a general audience as well as specialists.

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We are pleased to announce our partneship with UDHR70 this year.

What does the 70th declaration of human rights anniversary mean?

To highlight what the Universal Declaration means for people in their everyday lives, UN Human Rights is launching a year-long campaign on 10 December, Human Rights Day 2017 that will culminate in the actual occasion of the Declaration’s 70th anniversary celebration on the same day next year.