Siya, Dumaha, Mata and Aziz are Saharawi refugees that live in camps in Tindouf (Algeria). They show us the daily extreme harshness of an exile that lasts for 40 years. We can discover the unknown reality of torture, mines and maimed people, child malnutrition or mental illnesses that plague the Saharawi people, who are condemned to live away from their homeland, the Western Sahara, Africa's last colony.


Miguel Ángel Tobías


  • Third prize, The Western Sahara International Film Festival, FiSahara (2016)


Miguel Ángel Tobías has a extensive experience in audio-visual production. His most successful creation is the programme Españoles en el mundo (Spaniards in the World) in 2003. Since the production and directn of this programme, majority of his work has revolved around topics that aim at education for society, namely the promotion of universal values such as equality, solidarity, justice and peace. He has also used his own resources for the dissemination of social, supportive and charitable causes: he has produced Sueños de Haití (Dreams of Haití, 2010), Gurba, la condena (Gurba, the Condemned, 2014), Rising Nepal (2016) and El caos y el orden (Chaos and Order, 2016). He also gives talks and conferences on human rights and has been awarded the distinction as a Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy, in recognition of his personal and professional commitment to social causes and human rights.