A film that aims to analyze the reason for the invisibility of homosexuals in Spanish football. The documentary deals with clubs, associations, footballers, press, psychologists and other related people, the current reality of homophobia in Spanish football and its possible solutions.


Richard Zubelzu

Richard Zubelzu was born in Reinosa (Cantabria) in 1978. After finishing his studies in 2003, he started to work as a camera operator freelancer for different companies in Cantabria. He had his first experience in the cinema world in 2003, when he collaborated with Jorge Gutierrez in the direction of the feature film Guerra si… amor tampoco. He moved to Madrid in 2006 to boost his career. In November 2011, he started to work for the “Canal Sanitario Enfermería”. He believes this period was characterised by a constant manipulation of information. By the end of 2013 when he started his own projects, such as Repormadrid TV, a leisure and culture channel of Madrid, and Objetivo Family in 2014. He resumed contact with the cinema in 2014 with films like La Hipoteca and La Cuestión de Moyano. In 2016, he was in charge of the production of the feature films Teatro "off" and "La Píldora más deseada". In 2017 he went back to film direction, as he directed Fuera de juego and "Una gesta bajo la maleza". He is currently making the film Tus desperdicios y otros manjares, a film that addresses food waste in Spain.