There’s a Kyrgyz saying that every good marriage starts with tears. If true, it applies to about half the marriages in Kyrgyzstan, as estimates say that this is how many start with the illegal kidnapping of the bride...Read more

Ovarian Psycos is about a new generation of fierce, unapologetic and feminist women of color from the Eastside of Los Angeles who confront injustice, build community, and redefine identity through a raucous, irreverently named bicycle crew: The Ovarian Psycos Cycle Brigade...Read more

The last abortion clinic in Mississippi faces daily protests against its activities by Catholic pressure groups as well as citizens. This documentary follows the stories of 3 women with different stances on abortion, thus framing the American debate about the artificial interruption of pregnancy...Read more

Changing gender on a ration card seems like a weird joke – but not in Cuba. Since 2008, it has been possible to undergo a sex change operation on the island, but as in the case of many other things in Cuba there is a waiting list...Read more

 Male nurse Nori Sharif lives in Jalawla, one of the most dangerous areas of central Iraq. Over the next five years he uses a camera to record the stories of people who have survived the war...Read more


The members of video activist group, Equipe Media, fight to keep their cameras. They use them to document the Moroccan kingdoms’ violations of human rights in Africa’s last colony – Western Sahara...Read more                                            

This is the story of Shin Dong-Huyk, who was born as a political prisoner in a North-Korea re-education camp. From the age of six, he was subjected to forced labor, hunger, beatings...Read More

Siya, Dumaha, Mata and Aziz are Saharawi refugees that live in camps in Tindouf (Algeria). They show us the daily extreme harshness of an exile that lasts for 40 years...Read More                                                        

The school of La Grange aux Belles in northern Paris has a program for immigrant children that provides intense language lessons so the kids can ultimately matriculate into regular classes...Read More

A campaign led by influential animal protection organizations, backed by many international celebrities, has led to a significant restriction on commercial seal hunting. This step was also disastrous for Inuit...Read more

Manuel, father of a victim of sexual abuse, and Joaquín Benítez, the pedophile who abused Manuel's son and twenty other children, are the main characters of this documentary...Read More


Twenty-year-old Afghan woman Sara lives in Sweden, and for the first time experiences the feeling of true freedom, something she enjoyed very little of at home. There she was sentenced to prison for defying her family and running away with the man she loved...Read more

Panti Pandora Bliss is many things: part glamorous aunt, part Jessica Rabbit, she's a wittily incisive performer with charisma to burn who is regarded as one of the best drag queens in the business...Read More

The documentary recounts the lives of three men, Paolo, Luca and Giorgio, who testify on their stories of violence against women and, recognizing their own faults, are now looking for a way to change...Read More

This film takes an in-depth look at the global phenomenon of gender inequality and reveals some surprising economic and social advantages of female empowerment...Read More

Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian whose life was critically affected by the Arab Spring. His profession changed drastically: the surgeon became the moderator of a satirical talk show, thus fulfilling a dream...Read more

Fuera de Fuego is a documentary that aims to analyze the reason for the invisibility of homosexuals in Spanish football, a documentary that reveals the taboos of the society in Spain...Read more


It is about Mansour’s voyage into the world of Islam. It is a personal odyssey through a world of taboos, filled with contradictory images. Mansour is a homosexual Iranian refugee who has been living in Oslo for the past 18 years...Read More


Since 2011, thousands of migrants fleeing wars are trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. While governments are criminalizing migratory fluxes, women and men are getting organized...Read More

Sittwe is about two teenagers from opposing sides of conflict in Burma's Rakhine state. A Muslim Rohingya girl and a Buddhist boy, were both displaced during communal violence in 2012...Read More