The members of video activist group, Equipe Media, fight to keep their cameras. They use them to document the Moroccan kingdoms’ violations of human rights in Africa’s last colony – Western Sahara.

No journalists are allowed entry and the only images that find their way out of the territory are the ones Equipe Media manages to film in secret, hiding on roof tops and risking severe consequences. They film police and military attacks on peaceful demonstrations as well as testimonies of violence that Sahrawis are exposed to in their everyday life.This is a story about breaking an absolute censorship with unique footage from an area where the Moroccan authorities have managed to implement a near total media blockade.


  • Best International Short Documentary‭, ‬San Sebasitian Human Rights Film Festival
  • Best International Short Documentary‭, ‬DOK Leipzig

Directors Statement

In this project, two film collectives have come together, Equipe Media and RåFILM. The film is credited to the collectives instead of individuals to highlight the strength of
working together. Equipe Media works under everyday oppression in Western Sahara where their activities are considered illegal and there is a constant threat of being detained. As a collective, they have some public spokespersons while other members work underground making it more difficult for Morocco to target the whole group. 
RåFILM in Sweden works with the idea of members coming together to support each other and share their wide range of knowledge. They often work with a longer film process and devote their time to distribute the films to a broader audience.